Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Levi is a Fatty.

I am Levi.  I am 5'8" and I weigh 260lbs.  

I stopped being skinny around the age of 10. I think.  I have not had much motivation to lose weight in my life.  I lost 30 pounds 6 years ago when I started doing the Atkins diet.  I'm sure Mr. Atkins wouldn't have approved of the way I went about doing it but, oh well.  I ordered Triple burgers from Wendy's and took off the bun.  Meat, cheese, and Eggs for a few months, combined with working in a lumber yard in the summer tricked my body into shedding quite a few pounds.  I liked the track I was on.  But gained it all back after introducing the carbs back into my "diet".  

You'd think my dad dying from cancer would have changed my diet, seeing as how his ailment was probably brought on by his food consumption.  You'd think back problems, snoring, and heavy breathing would make me rethink what I am putting into my body.  It didn't.   

I have no idea why I feel so motivated right now.  But I'll take the motivation anyway it comes.  My ideal weight is 180 lbs. So, I decided to make the math easy on me.  Lose 10lbs a month and in 8 months i will be at my goal.  From there who knows?  I haven't been 180 since 8th grade probably.  

This blog is going to be pretty simple and straight forward. I don't want to take too much time on these blog posts.  I will post what I ate that day and will update my weight whenever I feel like it.

I want to be able to shop easily for clothes instead of searching the bottom of the pile of clothes at H&M for the XL's and hoping they even make that size.  I want to wear a suit and not look like this.  I would rather my clothes fit like this.    I'm sure my wife will appreciate me a little more, since I'll be taking 30% less space in the bed when we are sleeping.  I'm rambling.

Check back frequently if you care to see how things are going.  Now a bunch of photos of me.  I tried to find the least flattering. I am feeling really vulnerable right now.  Oh well.  :)