Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Not Enjoying This.

I started my juice fast on Sunday morning, so today is day two.  Val has been juicing enough so that we only have to make it once a day.  We got on the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead website and looked at all the different recipes.

Sundays recipe was as follows:

1 Apple
2 Beets
3 Large Carrots
1 Piece Ginger (thumb sized)

Here is how that went down.
Blogger sucks so it won't let me embed the video.

Plus it made my urine a light pink color.

Consensus....It was awful.  I don't know if it was the beets or the ginger or a mixture of both, but I will never drink that crap again.  It took all that was in me not to let it come back up.  As if drinking this stuff wasn't bad enough, val started making some sort of Nachos around 6pm yesterday.  I couldn't handle it, so I went downstairs and fell asleep......for 4 hours!  Good thing I have an awesome wife who not only fed the kids, but put them to bed while I took a 4 hour nap.  

I am going to say this.  That guy who made this documentary had it easy. 1. He didn't have to make food for other people while he was drinking this crap.  2. All of it is based inside a documentary, so there is no way that he can give up because there is way to much wrapped up in it.  3.  He is going to make a bunch of money selling copies of the movie, plus he'll make a Joe Cross juicer and make more money.......sigh. Maybe I'm just hungry and tired and want to complain about how much easier it was for him.  

Today wasn't as bad.  Apples, Oranges and Ginger.  Ginger is not good.  It totally ruins the fruit juice by making your throat burn. Hopefully the fact that I can't stress enough how much this sucks, is motivation for you to do the same thing that I am. :)   

As far as how I feel, I feel unmotivated, sore, tired, blah.  Hopefully this changes over the next day or so.          Not enough energy for a smooth segway.  Here are some photos. I'll post again later this week. Maybe.

1 Weeks worth of food.

Disgusting Beet juice.

Less disgusting Apple/Pear juice.


  1. I saw your post and watched the movie. We don't know each other. I can't remember how I found this..but I think we have mutual friends. Anyway...I did the Blackberry kiwi. Not so bad. I also did the green stuff. It was horrid. I'm not strickly juicing...just eating healthier and trading a meal for juice every now and then. Good luck!

  2. I have so many thoughts and questions, but don't know.....
    I am so proud of you, I hurt for you, I cried when I finished watching the documentary, (not sure why), If I were there I would drink what you are drinking, I am here and have no juicer and not much money to buy that many fruits and vegies. I am praying for you. ARe you going to leave out the ginger from now on? Have you looked elsewhere for recipes? I miss you terribly and love you. mom

  3. fyi - I did the spinach/strawberry recipe. It's good. It might even be great! :)

  4. By the hubby and I live in UA and have a small garden. I have a plethora of cucumbers. So they go in every juice. :) When our tomatoes come in..they'll start going in everything! Gardening saves money on the fruits and veggies. And seriously...Kale. It was 50 cents. I didn't find that they were that expensive.