Saturday, July 9, 2011

19lbs Down!

I feel very encouraged as I write this blogpost today. Half of It is probably because I am typing this on an iPad, and it makes me feel really cool. But the actual reason is that I have a plan. I have a plan to jumpstart not only my weight loss, but my road to healthy eating. Up to this point, eating heathly was a distant second to losing weight. Btw...I've lost 19lbs, as of this morning. Booya! For the first time in years I can look down and see my....belt buckle?

Why am I encouraged you might ask? I watched a documentary. For anyone who is close to me, this is no real news. I watch a documentary nearly every night. I have strong opinions on the truth about September 11th, And I want to punch Billy Mitchell in the crotch. This documentary deals with Detoxing and resetting your system. The documentary is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.   Watch it on Netflix.  It is very well done and eye opening.

Here is the trailer.

So as soon as I get a juicer I will be on my way to "Rebooting" my body. My plan is to do this diet for 30 days. After the juice fast I will be trying to stick to a Micronutrient filled diet. Vegetables, fruit, beans, and nuts. That mixed with other healthy food options should shove me quite a bit closer to my first goal of 180 pounds. I am super excited to start this experiment. You won't be able to recognize me in a few months.

Not much else to say really.


  1. Yes! Great documentary. I want to do that juice fast, too.

  2. I just saw this movie this morning, it was awesome. I have an uncle who is very sick and diabetic and I wish he would try this. I know you can do this Levi, and I think I will try it a little bit too, maybe not everyday. I have already lost 30lbs just eating no sugar and no white starchy foods. Lots of fruits and veggies, just not in a juice. That movie was really inspiring and eye opening. My uncle has severe skin problems and it makes me think if he doesn't have the same problem as Joe did in the film. God Bless ya Levi and I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing! Brad lost 35lbs pounds too, he no longer snores and arms used to go numb all the time, while he was trying to sleep.