Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Man Boobies & A Trip To GAP

So I haven't posted anything in a while.  I don't feel like I have interesting things to talk about every day or even every week.  Or maybe I didn't want to post anything because I haven't been doing anything groundbreaking.  I have been really busy and a lot of things have been going on, plus I like to spend time with my wife and kids.  Those things have been more important to me than posting or exercising.

I have actually been stuck at 13 lbs weights lose for a week or so.  Most of this is due to the fact that I haven't been exercising much outside of walking around.  Plus last weekend Val and I didn't have the kids and we went out to eat a couple times.  I wanted to get something that I haven't eaten in a long time.  We went to Bar Louie in the arena district with some friends and I decided to have a reprieve night.  I got a burger (gasp!)with the bun. and fries. and a coke.  Sue me.  Was it the best choice for me?  Yes it was. :)  It was orgasmic.  We'll not literally. But you know what I mean.  I may need to go back to telling everyone what I eat every day.  I think being lax on that has made me less accountable, and has allowed me to make not so good choices.  I mean I'm not eating whole tombstone pizzas anymore, but I could be making better choices.

Pretty sure I need more fiber in my diet.  I'll let you guess what that means.  I mean, I'm not getting bread or anything with wheat, which is where I get most of my fiber normally.  I'm told vegetables have it in them. If only they didn't taste terrible It would be easier.  I have been sporadically taking Juice Plus, but Val says even If I took it every day I would still need to eat more fruits and vegetables which is crap because I am told each time I take the recommended amount of Juice Plus that I get like 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables.  So if I take enough for 10 servings of fruits and veggies, I only need to take ....(counting on fingers) 40 capsules a day?  I would almost rather do that.  Then I can spend my calories on things that kind of taste good.

**Disclaimer: Not everything I say on this blog is 100% truth.  A lot is intended to be comical.  I am not exactly as ignorant about food as I come across. But I am serious about how much I dislike the taste of most vegetables.  I can't help it.  Val knows more about this stuff than anyone I know so, I know what I should be doing.**

Went clothes shopping today.  Me and Caleb.  That shows you just how awesome our jobs are.  :)  I tried on some shorts and a short sleeve button up.  I can ALMOST wear a large shirt and be comfortable.    Pants and shorts are always weird at places with nice clothes.  I have big thighs so I have to go with bigger pants sometime because of this fact.  I can wear size 36 jeans, but the 38 shorts fit today.  Annoying.    Here are some photos, I need to lose a little bit more weight to feel comfortable in this shirt. It starts pulling apart in the middle because of my boobies (which shouldn't be there).

I bought this outfit anyway.

So this day was kind of a wake up call to hit this weight loss thing hard.  Really be consistant with some exercise, eating small frequent meals, staying under my caloric intake, drinking lots of water, and trying to force some vegetables into me into my diet.   I do see a difference in what I look like, I'm starting to look less fat.  But I must not be content.  180lbs is my first goal.  The big one.  Then I will reassess and see what needs to be done.  I refuse to fail.  For my sake and for the sake of my wife and family.


  1. I hate vegetables too! Well, most of them. And I despise 99.9% of all salads. Barf. Veg haters unite! If I could lose weight by eating only meat, chocolate, potatoes, and coke I'd be 5'3" and 90 pounds. But sadly it doesn't work that way. Chin up, Charlie...we can do this!

  2. Are you having some BM issues and that's why you need more fiber? Sometimes people can have weird reactions to changing their diets from unhealthy to healthy-- your body is wondering where all the chemicals and fats are in the food it's processing. I would recommend getting straight up fiber capsules, or the powder kind that you mix with water or juice. It's really good for you and won't add the calories that fruit contains. Vegetables are always the best choice, though ; ) You're looking great-- way to go!

  3. Levi. Great stuff. Vegetable? Make a smoothies and out some green stuff in there.

    1 cup yogurt (or kefir from Hannah Ely)
    1 cup strawberries or blueberries (frozen from Trader Joes b:c they're cheap there)
    3 large kale leaves (from my garden or the store)
    Some broccoli too!
    Add a little liquid (water? Juice?)
    Blend that stuff and drink it.

    If you need some sweetness...a little honey will do.

  4. I agree with the comment above. I make a smoothie in the morning when I'm not running late for work and I throw a handful of spinach in it. If you don't care that your smoothie has green flakes floating in it then it's a great way to get some veggies in. You can't even taste it.

  5. just eat 'em and get it over with. :)

  6. As long as I can't taste it, I'm all for it.

    We have been making kefir every day for like 4 months. Val already makes a smoothie in the mornings for me a lot of days. I have texture issues so I have to just drink it as fast as I can so I don't have time to think about it.

  7. Cheryl is right Levi. Spinach isn't even noticeable in the smoothie. Kale is a bit thicker leaf so you can tell. But it still doesn't have much taste.