Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cardio is stupid

I thought you were supposed to feel good after some cardio.  I feel like I'm gonna trow up. (Yes I spelled that right)  And my my neck hurts when I turn it to the right.  I broke out the old 1974 Latour. Wait...I mean the 1974 Le Tour.  100lbs of pressure in the tires, while my face is turned to the side (because I'm afraid the tire will explode and put my eye out.)   Threw on my new Cincinnati, Ohio T-shirt from Fringe Outfitters.  iPod on shuffle.  22minutes later I feel like crap.

Some people have been tracking what I'm eating and think I need more vegetables.  Tell me in the bible where it says you need 5-8 servings of veggies everyday.  ....Crickets chirping....    I gotta introduce them slowly into my system.  I don't want to shock my body by throwing stuff at it that it doesn't recognize as food.  Side note: Some people also don't consider sucking ranch dressing off a carrot is eating vegetables. Whatever.

Here is what I ate.


                       (not actual photo)
Lunch-Chipotle. Chicken bowl.  No lettuce or rice.  Basically just Chicken and Pinto Beans.
Snack-Peanuts and 1 Carrot.

Dinner- Rice Chex.  w/ FUDGE SAUCE! (#notafactualstatement)

Dessert- 1 bottle of Lost Trail Root Beer.

Total:  1466 calories.
                          -345 calories Exercise
1121 Calories.

Now I'm gonna watch some Parks and Recreation with my sexy wife. In Bed.   and no, that isn't code. Wink.

Good night.


  1. Looks like a productive day man!! We should meet up some weekend and play some disc golf. Any places in Columbus??

  2. This is now my favorite blog, I have laughed more today reading this stuff than I have watching modern family! :) I love you son.

  3. I like this, Levi! I'm a dietitian and I think what you are doing and how you are documenting it is awesome. I just had to be an asshole and clarify that you need don't need that many servings of vegetables a day; you need 3 -4 vegetables (serving is 1/2c cooked or 1c raw) and 2 servings of fruit.

    Good luck!

  4. Is that daniel sweet? No last name. But sure come on up.

  5. Cardio gets easier (and more enjoyable) the more you do it. Keep at it! Enjoying reading your blog as well.