Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1 Complete

So day one was pretty easy.  I signed up for that stupid MyFitnessPal. I didn't think I wanted to count calories.  But that program is pretty sweet.   I added up all my calories for the day and they totaled around 1100.   MyFitnessPal thinks my goal should be 1650.   So, I win, I guess.   I don't want any comments about "You should be eating more calories"  Or "You can eat less calories and then splurge a little on dessert or something"   Splurging is what makes people fat.   Here is what I ate.

Breakfast-Chocolate/Banana Smoothie w/ espresso.  270 Calories

Lunch- Chicken Curry w/ potatos and some rice (whole foods hot bar). 400 calories

For a snack, I had a single kernel of popcorn.  .001 Calories.

Dinner-Rice Chex w/ Snowville Skim Milk. A bunch.  420 calories 

Grand Total:   1090.001 calories.  

Didn't drink as much water as I should have.  Maybe 32oz all day.  I'll do better today.

I might even start doing something that resembles exercise.  Maybe I'll get bone extensions in my legs so I can eventually look like Andy Malone.

Hopefully we'll see some results.  If not, I'm going to do a Rocky Montage every day until something happens.


  1. way to go man! this is awesome.

  2. Hey Levi, this is your mom's friend Lindsey. Good job! And your post is hilarious, so bonus. I need to lose weight too, so... I should try to do that... :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    Lindsey-I've told my wife that I was going to change how i eat, lose weight and be healthier probably 50 times. Each one was after a big fight where she is worried about me dying at 40 years old. For some reason, I just felt motivated and this blog Is going to keep me on this path. Hopefully.

    Plus praying should help too.

  4. I like your blog. I'd avoid Whole Foods prepared foods unless they have the "health starts here" sign by it....they don't have the nutritional info on that stuff out there...I know you're just starting but just sayin'. Everyone's favorite is Vegan General Tso's and it's fried. Twice. We have a healthy eating specialist named Sam and she'll do free nutrition screening and shopping list, she's very awesome.

  5. After seeing your blog, I got off my butt and starting off running again. Thanks for the motivation.